Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Classic City Square Dancing in Athens, GA

Welcome to 

Classic City Square Dancing in Athens, GA  

photo by Chuck Murphy

Classic City Square Dancing is a Western Square Dance Club in the "Classic City" of Athens, GA. 
We dance both Mainstream and  Plus
 (and rounds and usually one line dance per night too)
  1st and 3rd Monday evenings of every month from 8PM to 10PM 
at the Watkinsville Community Center
 191 VFW Drive, Watkinsville GA 30677. 

Our Caller is Randy Ramsey from Suwanee, GA 
 Mike Michel from Athens, GA cues rounds.

Classic City Square Dance Club began in 1973 with a group of 20 dancers.
Currently there are about 40 members - from all walks of life - everyone is welcome!

Happy to answer  questions...please post them in the Comments, and I'll answer there.

Our next dance is Monday January 18th.    8pm-10 pm
All square dancers are welcome
 free for members of the NE GA federation, otherwise $5.  

In February,  we will have a  extra dance that will be an "All Plus" dance.  All Plus Level dancers are invited.
If you have just recently graduated from a Plus class, this is an excellent opportunity to get a full night of plus dancing.  If you are an experienced Plus dancer, Randy will supply you with a fun evening of dancing.  He may even surprise you with some of the moves from positions to which you are not accustomed!

The dance will be held on February 29, 2016 (5th Monday night in February) at the Watkinsville Community Center, 191 VFW Drive, Watkinsville, GA from 8PM to 10PM.  We are asking for a $7 donation (the hall and the caller’s fee).

Guests may come and watch and see if they'd like to learn how to square dance! When we have enough folk who want to learn, we'll start weekly lessons.
 Square dancing is a lot of fun and hugely beneficial - there's actually no better form of exercise for supporting your physical and cognitive health. 
 Put away the Suduko and dance!



Secretary, Elizabeth Barton

2016 Officers:

Presidents:  Dortha and Bruce Jacobson
Vice President: Alice Harris, alternate Andy Seila
Treasurer: Cara Andrews
Secretary: Elizabeth Barton

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